Thomasville City Schools

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Dr. Patrice Faison, Superintendent of Schools

I am extremely honored to serve as Superintendent of Thomasville City Schools.  I am committed to you, our students and the Thomasville community. I know together we will "Build a Culture of Excellence", where all students thrive and reach their full potential. I accept the role of Superintendent with professional responsibility and gratitude. I vow to do my best each day to support you and our district with my head and whole heart. 

During the next month I will be conducting a listening and learning tour. This will allow me to hear from staff, students, parents, and the community, on the things we do well, the things we are most proud of, the direction we should head and the best role I can play.  I will be holding listening sessions throughout the community. I also invite individual parents to host me at their home, place of worship, or community organization for one of these sessions. Please plan to attend a session to allow your voice to be heard. In addition to the listening sessions a survey of our parents and community will be conducted. 

I hope you will quickly see I am committed to "Building a Culture of Excellence" together.  Thank you for your faith in me and allowing me to lead such a wonderful district in a great community! 

If you are interested in holding a listening and learning session, please contact Mrs. Johnnie Musgrave at 336-474-4200.

Together we will "Build a Culture of Excellence"!


Dr. Patrice Faison



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