Resources for Teachers & Staff

~Teachers & Staff~
Remember to only use your TCS email address and accounts setup through TCS. Do not use personal email for any accounts and do not allow students to join you using personal email accounts. 
Teacher Tutorials for Live or Recorded Video Conferencing 
Teacher Tips for Live or Recorded Video Conferencing
1. Open up your camera view on your laptop and look around your background view of where you are videotaping. Ensure nothing is displayed in the video frame that you would not want displayed in your classroom for all to see.
2. Best practices include the teacher is the last one to leave the Google Meet conference. 
3. Do not require students to be a live participant in the videos where their webcam is required to be on.
4. Be conscientious about students/siblings/household members in their background and what may be happening and mute a video participant as needed to ensure safety and security of our students.
Digital Resources for Teachers
TCS Approved Extensions List for students & staff (put in a sherpadesk ticket to request a new app not listed here)
EPIC ebooks
Instructional Design Tips
Canvas Getting Started for Students