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NC Star Jobs
What are star jobs? 
North Carolina's 5-star Jobs represent occupations with the greatest projected employment potential through 2022. Occupations were rated from 1-5 stars based on wages, projected growth rates, and projected job openings. For a complete list of Star Jobs, additional information about each career, and explanation of the rating process, visit 

Occupational Outlook Handbooks

Career Clusters
What Are Career Clusters?
Some people are interested in health care. Other people are interested in information technology.
Interests like these have been grouped into what's called "Career Clusters." The term describes knowledge, skills, and interests that connect with industries, jobs and educational programs.
North Carolina groups careers into 16 Career Clusters. This survey and the information that follows relate to jobs in these 16 clusters.
You will find Career Clusters useful as you look for industries, career fields and jobs you may like or an educational program you may want to pursue.