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Active Recess Program

Thomasville Primary School

What is Active Recess?

At Thomasville Primary School we value Physical Activity! As part of our Comprehensive Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) we have implemented a Recess Program.


Our Active Recess is a purposefully designed playground with adults monitoring recess activity zones; and students encouraged in various physical activity opportunities for a minimum of 30 minutes daily. An active recess will include children participating in developmentally appropriate play where they may explore, stimulate their imagination, and develop critical thinking skills as they take a break from a structured classroom. When recess can not occur outdoors; active indoor recess shall be conducted for 30 minutes. 


National News:

SHAPE AMERICA & CDC just released a tool kit with resources to help  schools across America can create recess programs. Check out our featured case study and video on the national organizations website. NPR also just released an article that talks about our Program.


NPR Story:


SHAPE America Story:


Active Recess is a great way to help students reach the 30 minutes of physical activity required for all North Carolina K-8 Students each day. Watch the video featuring Thomasville City School Students to learn how to implement Active Recess at your school.


The Policy: Healthy Active Children Policy



(a)        For schools in which Physical Education is not currently offered daily to all K-8 students,

a minimum of 30 minutes, daily, of moderate to vigorous physical activity shall be provided by schools for all K-8 students.  This requirement can be achieved through a Physical Education class offered to all students.  On days when Physical Education is not part of a student’s schedule, the 30-minute physical activity requirement can be met by activities such as recess, dance, classroom energizers, or other curriculum-based physical activity programs.

(b)       Recess shall consist of unstructured free play or structured games and activities. Recess and physical activity shall not be taken away from students as a form of punishment; furthermore, exercise shall not be assigned for use as a form of punishment for students.

(c)        The physical activity required by this section must involve physical exertion of at             

least a moderate to vigorous intensity level and for a duration sufficient to provide a significant health benefit to students according to National Physical Activity and Health Guidelines. Activity sessions should be no less than ten-minute segments that, when combined, total 30 minutes of daily physical activity.


Recess Game Ideas:               

TCS has a 3 year subscription ask the Healthy Eating Acitve Living Coordinator for Lesson Plans/ Online Access Code

FREE Resources & For Fee Resources- Select LDES/TPS staff were trained during the 2015-2016 school year

FREE Resources & For Fee Resources- TPS staff and Student Training Sept. 19th & Sept. 20th 2016


Indoor Ideas:

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