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Instructional Programming

Thomasville City Schools Exceptional Children’s Department is part of the North Carolina State Improvement Project (NCSIP)  which addresses achievement gaps for students with disabilities. This project has developed literacy and math courses to teach instruction in these areas for North Carolina educators.


The NC SIP project has assisted Thomasville City Schools in providing researched-based reading and math instruction using evidenced based programs. The researched-based reading programs being implemented are Letterland, SPIRE and in math, Number Worlds.


  • Letterland is implemented in grades kindergarten through third. Letterland utilizes various learning methods through music, actions, alliteration, movement, song, art, games and role-play. It teaches phonics through a story based approach so students learn to proficiently read and write.
  • SPIRE will be taught in grades K-12 and is a systematic,explicit, and multi-sensory approach to teach reading. SPIRE teaches students phonics as well as comprehension skills, which increases students accuracy in decoding, word recognition skills, and understanding of material read.
  • Number Worlds is a highly engaging, evidenced-based, teacher-led math program. It was developed using state standards to bring Preschool - eighth grade students up to grade level using real world math applications. Number Worlds helps struggling learners achieve math success by targeting the most essential skill deficit areas.  

Please visit www.ncsip.org for further reading and math information.