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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

NC MTSS Implementation Guide LiveBinder: For more detailed information about the NC MTSS process and parental rights and safeguards granted to you and your student.
This is a training and information center that provides free information
and assistance with educational issues to parents of children with

Information on exceptional children's services, policies, and procedures.

Autism Society of North Carolina Information and support for families of children with autism.                                                                                                                                              

Autism Speaks
Seeks to bring about increased awareness, research and funding of autism spectrum disorders.

Information and resources about learning disabilities and attention disorders.
Provides comprehensive health and wellness outcomes-based services for all disabilities throughout the lifespan.  
Provides individual assistance, workshops, publications, and other resources to help families to make decisions.
The ARC is committed to securing for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, work and play.
The Enrichment Center offers a variety of programs that allow individuals to earn a living, be recognized for their artistic talent, and live as independently as they wish to live.
Provides appropriate support to students who meet eligibility criteria for the Compensatory Education Program, but their academic needs or functioning levels exceed what is currently offered in the Compensatory Education class.  The Occupational Network class will serve as a bridge to assist students in participating in other appropriate community college programs and the workforce.
The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services provides counseling, training, education, transportation, job placement, assistive technology and other support services or people with disabilities. 
The Workshop of Davidson County has served developmentally and intellectually disabled individuals in Davidson County by giving them a safe place to train,work and grow in their vocational and personal lives.