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Staff COVID-19 Information

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 you should:
  • contact your immediate supervisor, 
  • request a substitute through Red Rover if you require one, AND
  • complete the Google Form for the TCS Human Resources Department.
Up to 80 hours of your absences may be covered by the state Contagious Disease Policy IF you provide proof to the TCS Human Resources Department that you have received a positive test administered by a medical professional (home test do not qualify)
Free COVID19 Testing for TCS Students & Staff- Click here for more information.
Requesting Isolation and Quarantine Letters from CCTO Call Center
Between the Hours of 7am-7pm (Sunday-Saturday) Call 844-628-7223.
Be sure to leave a phone number, email, date of birth, and date you tested positive.
Return to Work
Employees should work with their medical provider to determine when they can safely return to work. Regardless of the return date, the employee should contact the Human Resources department before returning to work.