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Why Choose Thomasville City Schools

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Our District:
Thomasville City Schools is an urban school district, within 20 minutes of Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem, North Carolina.  The district has only 4 schools, reflective of 2,400+ super students!
Average Teacher/Student Ratio:           

Grades K-3 -  1:18
Grades 4- 5  - 1:20
Grades 6-12 - 1:26
District Highlights:
Parent Portal
Chartered Parent Teacher Associations at all schools
Strong Beginning Licensed Teacher Program
Strong Mentor Support
Cutting Edge Professional Development 
Close working relationship with Chambers of Commerce and local businesses
Partnership with Local Community Colleges and Universities for Teacher Education courses
Emphasis on Integrative Instructional Technology 
Strong ESL Program
District-wide Staff Recognition Programs
Communities in Schools (CIS)
Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Program for all Students
Bulldog Academy--(alternative education program)
Supportive administrators 
Continuous research based staff development
Technologically enriched environment for Instructional Enhancement
Historically strong athletic program