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Digital Teaching & Learning Plans & Competencies

2017 Effective NC Policies & Plans
2017-2021 TCS District Strategic Plan:
1. Teaching & Learning: "design learning opportunities that are rigorous, engaging and applicable....; design progressive learning environments...; establish individual and applicable pathways to success for all..."
2. Human Resources: "Unique and Ongoing PD"
3. Efficiency, Structure and Governance: "strengthening data use...; strategic use of district resources....; build capacity
2017-2019 TCS Digital Learning Plan:
Leadership Professional Learning
L1 Shared Vision P1 Professional Development Focus
L2 Personnel P2 Professional Development Format
L3 Communication & Collaboration P3 Professional Development Participation
L4 Sustainability  
L5 Policy  
L6 Continuous Improvement Content & Instruction
L7 Procurement C1 Educator Role
  C2 Student Centered Learning
Technology Infrastructure & Devices C3 Access to Digital Content
T1 School Networks C4 Learning Management System (LMS)
T2 End-User Devices C5 Curation & Development
T3 Learning Environments C6 Data-Informed Instruction
T4 Technical Support  
T5 Network Services Data & Assessment
T6 Outside of Schools D1 Data Systems
  D2 Learner Profiles
  D3 Multiple & Varied Assessments
Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers & Administrators:
*effective with 2019 Renewal Cycle to get 2.0 CEUS (20 contact hours) so we must start this year
DLC Decision Making with Tricider
1. Which DLC should TCS focus on for 2017-18? Vote here.
2. PD Options for the DLC Cohort. Vote here


Technology PD Needs:
1. District expectations-
Technology tools are used to help us solve a problem and do things in a different way that couldn't be done otherwise. The goal of the authentic use of technology is about utilizing a resource to best address an educational need; it's not about "we should use Google Apps" or "let me show you how to work every button in Canvas". An example of a goal should should be about promoting student collaboration. Google Apps is a great technology tool to use to achieve that goal. We don't teach the tech merely for tech's sake. 
2. School leader expectations-
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