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School Counseling Department


Our School Counselors work with students, parents and school staff. We meet students in whole group, small group, one-on-one counseling and school-wide programming. We cover a variety of topics to include, but not limited to bullying, college and career readiness, anger management, keeping and making friends, character education, and academic success just to name a few.



Who to Contact:


Thomasville Primary School                                                                                       



Mrs. Malarie Winfield



 Malarie Raynor



Liberty Drive Elementary School                                                                               


Mrs. Lauren Anderson



Lauren Anderson




Thomasville Middle School                                                                                       


Mrs. Stephanie Preston



Stephanie Preston 




Thomasville High School                                                                                             


Mrs. Teresa Mitchell

9th and 10th Grade



 Teresa Mitchell



Mrs. Shonda Foster

11th and 12th Grade



 Shonda Foster






School Counseling Resources:


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The Essential Role of Middle School Counselors

The Essential Role of the High School Counselor


Bullying Prevention

Stomp Out Bullying


Academic Development

Personal/Social Development


Career/College Development

Paws in Jobland (CFNC)

College Foundation of North Carolina