Volunteer Information

Volunteer schedule

Volunteer Level

Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Training

Background Check

Child Protection Training

Tier 1

Supervised work with large groups of students

Assist school office staff

Chaperone Field Trips

School Events (e.g. Career Day, Field Day, etc.)


Help contact parents

Reproduce materials

Prepare bulletin boards





Tier 2

Supervised work with small groups of students

All Tier 1 Activity +

Listen to children read

Conduct flash card drills

Provide individual help to a teacher

Work in media center

Monitor at recess

Help with book fairs





Tier 3

Direct one-on-one work with students allowed

All Tier 1 & 2 Activities +

Lunch Buddies

Breakfast Buddies








Thomasville City Schools Board of Education and Communities In Schools of Thomasville encourage volunteers to give their time, resources, and expertise with the goal of providing a sound basic education to all children.  The Board of Education requires that school volunteer programs provide screening, supervision, and training of volunteers.  Volunteers are required to comply with School Visitor policy and are expected to be professional and dependable in their volunteer activities. 


All Volunteers:

  • Must complete the Volunteer Application and be screened based on amount of contact with students
  • Must comply with school rules including School Board Policy 5020 Visitors in Schools
  • Must report to school office and sign in as a visitor
  • Are prohibited from bringing alcohol, tobacco products, firearms or weapons on school property
  • NOTE- All Registered Sex Offenders are Banned from All School Property


Complete online form or turn in completed forms to Communities In Schools of Thomasville:

Mary Jane Akerman

Communities In Schools of Thomasville

400 Turner Street

Thomasville, NC  27360


**Volunteer training sessions are available to anyone interested in volunteering in Thomasville City Schools.  Contact Mary Jane Akerman for information of upcoming training sessions.


Upcoming Training Sessions:

Monday, September 25, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Wednesday, September 27, 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Friday, September 29, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Thursday, October 5, 9:00am - 10 am

Friday, October 13, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



All training sessions will be help in the TCS Board Room at 400 Turner Street