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Where to Start if you have Parental Concerns

For our parents and guardians who wish to provide a written concern or a written complaint, please begin by approaching our school or district personnel in this order so that we can come to the most expedient resolution for your concern:
1. Have you spoken to the staff member who is immediately responsible? (such as a teacher, or the employee closest to which the complaint originated)
2. Have you spoken or met with the school principal or assistant principal?
3. Have you reached out to the Central Office Staff Member directly related to that program area? (district staff directory)
4. Have you spoken with the Superintendent or the Superintendent's Designee?
5. Now the TCS Board of Education is the next step to hear your concerns to find resolution.
The following Board Policies govern our communication protocols for responding to concerns and complaints:
1740/4010 Student & Parent Grievance Procedure
1742/5060 Responding to Complaints
2500 Hearings Before the Board
2310 Public Participation at Board Meetings
If you have questions about navigating this process and would like to speak to someone at the district office regarding the steps you should take, please feel free to reach out to Jennifer Buck, Chief Technology & Public Information Officer at [email protected]