Job Vacancies

Employment Application Procedures
Thomasville City Schools has launched a new employment application system.  The new North Carolina School Jobs powered by Teacher Match, provides an innovative way to streamline the hiring process.  Applicants will experience an enhanced, user friendly system when applying for positions. To apply for career opportunities, open the link below:
Thomasville City Schools Job Board - Click search to see all available jobs
Sign-up or Login to TeacherMatch
A resume is required for each position. If you are applying for a teaching/administrative position, you are required to submit transcripts and all State Board of Education required tests.  You will upload these items to your online portfolio. 

If you do not see a posting for the job(s) that you are interested in, please consider applying to the Generic Posting in the category for which you are interested (Generic – Licensed (positions that require a Professional Educator’s License), Classified, and Bus Driver).  By doing this you make your application visible to our district. Please continue to check the Thomasville City Schools Job Board for future employment opportunities.

We invite you to complete a new portfolio-application today.  If you have questions about Teacher Match or need support with the application process, please call (855)980-0511 or email


Also, see the link below for some additional help. 


If an application is started and not completed within six months it will result in the application being removed. The removal of an application for inactivity will not impact your ability to apply for future positions.


Any contracts for employment that are extended and signed on or after January 1st will be considered a temporary contract that will end with the same academic school year. The employee will be given the opportunity to reapply for the position if it is funded for the next academic school year.