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Thomasville City Schools has launched a new employment application system.  The new North Carolina School Jobs powered by Applicant Tracking provides an innovative way to streamline the hiring process.  Applicants will experience an enhanced, user friendly system when applying for positions. To apply for career opportunities, open the link above.

Teacher Assistants or paraprofessionals (any classified staff member who works directly with students) who work in a school that receives Title I (Federal) funds must meet additional requirements.

To be hired, these individuals must either:

  • complete 48 hours of college credit
  • have an associate degree 
  • complete WorkKeys assessment demonstrating competency in reading, writing and math. After earning passing scores, the employee may begin working. 
    • Over the course of the first two years in the position the employee must complete 96 continuing education hours in reading, writing and math strategies.
    • It is the responsibility of the employee to submit proof of continuing education hours (CEUs) to Human Resources within the academic year that they were earned. 

What is WorkKeys? 

A series of assessments that measure real-world “hard” and “soft” skills, helping to ensure individuals have the right skills for jobs.

Required Test: 

  • Applied Math
  • Workplace Documents
  • Graphic Literacy

Local Test Site: Davidson Davie Community College

Thomasville City Schools may give salary credit for documented years of prior experience for employees who are not licensed through the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). Prior experience must be relevant to your position with our school system. In order to be considered for this, your previous employer(s) must complete the TCS Verification of Employment for Salary Placement form. A separate form must be completed for each position and/or place of employment.


Employees licensed through the NC Department of Public Instruction must complete and submit the appropriate forms to NCDPI to request experience credit. A member of the TCS Human Resources Department can assist with this process.

Thomasville City Schools substitute teachers are an important part of our educating children.  When teachers are out of the classroom due to professional growth and development or other factors, our students deserve the continuity of instruction.  Our substitutes carry on that instruction as the teacher.

 Currently, substitute teachers must have the following requirements:

  • At least a high school diploma. 
  • Forty-eight (48) semester hours of post high school work is preferred; however, it is not required.  
  • A transcript must be provided and completion of the App-Garden University virtual course.

App-Garden University Virtual Course (hyperlink)

The VIRTUAL training is offered by the App-Garden University. There are many benefits to you as a substitute such as the ability to train anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet. It is so important that we as a district keep you current on the board policies and procedures as well as giving you great tips and ideas for being a successful substitute teacher. This training is required of substitutes in order for our district to meet compliance requirements unless the subsitute can provide proof of their current enrollment in an Educator Preparation Program at an accredited college or university.


You may review the course as many times as you feel necessary within your one year enrollment and in the course and the payment of the $39 fee which begins on the date of the purchase. Once the fee has been paid, you will have immediate access to the course.