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Inclement Weather Procedures

Notifying the nation
*If no announcement is posted, TCS will operate on a normal schedule.*   
Inclement weather conditions may necessitate the closing of schools. If weather conditions force the closing or delay of school, parents/guardians, students and staff will receive an inclement weather notification from our automated calling system by 6:00AM. It is important that your contact information remains current to prevent these notifications from being missed.
*Please note – technical problems may prevent these notifications from being delivered.*
Information on closings or delays of school will also be announced on the TCS website , on Twitter and Facebook and on the following local television stations: 
WXII-TV (NBC) Channel 12 Winston Salem 
WGHP-TV (FOX) Channel 8 High Point WFMY-TV (CBS) Channel 2 Greensboro 
WXLV-TV (ABC) Channel 45 Winston Salem