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Thomasville City Schools' Exceptional Children's Department

"Teach - Treat - Love - Every Child As If They Were Our OWN"

The mission of the Thomasville City School's Exceptional Children’s Department is to have all students with disabilities, ages 3 to 22, achieve to the maximum extent possible; so that they can graduate and become independent and productive members in society.  Exceptional children's staff, general education staff, school administrators, parents and community partner are dedicated to providing:

  • Specially designed instruction targeted to meet the unique needs of each student with a disability
  • Access to the general curriculum and intervention programs designed to provide maximum opportunities for instruction in the general education setting
  • Full continuum of service in the least restrictive environment possible
  • Curriculum driven instruction using the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the North Carolina Extended Content Standards
  • Related services that include but are not limited to speech, occupational and physical therapy
The Exceptional Children’s program is supported by federal and state funding and serves approximately 300 students with disabilities. The district adheres to North Carolina’s Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities, which is published by the Department of Public Instruction.

Contact Information for the Exceptional Children's District Staff
Jennifer Brown, Exceptional Children's Director 
Claudia Marini, Assistant EC Director
Cindy Lain, EC Program Specialist/Administrative Assistant